• CD136 piston type pressure sensor
  • CD136 piston type pressure sensor

CD136 piston type pressure sensor

The CD136 piston type pressure sensor is primarily utilized for pressure monitoring in oil pipelines, mud pipelines, and long-distance pressure measurements. The sensor is filled with clean hydraulic oil and separated by a diaphragm to prevent external media from entering the cylinder. It is specifically designed for use in harsh environments such as mud.
  • CD136 piston type pressure sensor
Product Description
The max working pressure can reach up to 103.4MPa, ensuring the diaphragm cup's rationality and preventing easy blockage or adhesion by mud on the sensor. Additionally, it exhibits excellent anti-fatigue performance even under repeated extrusion.
2. The CD136 sensor is characterized by its convenient long-distance transmission capability, enabling staff to easily read data from a distance. Furthermore, the piston and cylinder body are precision-manufactured with superior sealing properties, allowing for accurate data provision through pressure gauges and facilitating efficient control of equipment or pipeline pressures.
Rugged design over years of service has proven this gauge to be accurate and dependable in extreme conditions.
Damper allows operator to adjust gauge sensitivity to ensure accurate readings in all kinds of pumping conditions.
pressure units are available: Mpa, Psi, kPa, bar.