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Zhejiang Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Yongkang Xinhua Instrument Factory) is situated in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province - the hardware capital of China. Our company is strategically located near Hangzhou City, where the nearest airport can be found. As a proud member of China Pressure Gauge Association and with over 30 years of experience, we specialize in designing, developing, producing and marketing a wide range of instrumentation products.
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Oilfield Instruments
Our company possesses the capability to engineer, develop, manufacture and market a diverse range of instrumentation with expertise in YK series Mud Pump Pressure gauges, Tong Torque series, Wire-Line Anchor and other oilfield related instruments.
Our Purpose
Our company always adheres to the customer-first and quality-first principles. We strictly follow the ISO9001 quality management system and API-8C requirements for managing, designing, developing, and producing.
The product enjoys strong sales in major oil fields, chemical industries, geological exploration and related sectors nationwide. It has established long-term cooperative relationships with leading domestic oil fields and is exported to the United States, Europe, the Middle East and other regions.
Our Products
We are the pround member of China Pressure Gauge Association. We provide high quality products with competitive price according to customers' drawings and specifications.
The gauge consists of a gauge, damper, sensor, and 1502 sub. It offers excellent visibility at various distances and maintains the same level of reliability as our standard 6" gauges. This particular gauge is utilized in mud pumps, stands, pipe shock manifolds, and pump trucks.
The wireline weight indicator is utilized for measuring the suspended weight of drilling and workover equipment. The system exhibits simplicity, flexibility, and convenience in operation, while maintaining a low maintenance cost. It comprises a weight gauge, sensor, high-pressure line, and associated accessories such as a hand pump and hydraulic oil.
The primary application of the TYPE F-Y series Pump Pressure Gauge is to measure pulsating pressure, commonly observed in mud pumps and standpipes. Additionally, it can be utilized for measuring steady pressure in various other applications. The dampening components of the Pump Pressure Gauge effectively operate across the entire pressure range without requiring any adjustments.
The TYPE F series Pump Pressure Gauge main application is the measuring of pulsing pressure such as seen in mud pumps and standpipes, it can also be used for measuring steady pressure in other applications. The dampening parts of the Pump Pressure Gauge work in the whole pressure range of the gauge and no adjustment is necessary. The Pump Pressure Gauge indicates steady as well as large pressure changes equally well.
Tong torque system consists of tong torque load cell, tong torque gauge (installed in the driller display), and hydraulic hose.Load cell installed in the wire line of the power tong, when the drill pipe screws, it will be the pulling force which is proportional with the tightening torque on the wire line rope.
Single Pointer Pressure Gauge systems monitor mud pump operations to accurately and efficiently detect potential problems. This 6" gauge has proven itself to be the most cost gauge comes in Box mount or Panel mount configurations. A system consists of a 6" Pressure Gauge, Gauge Protector (Rubber diaphragm type or Piston Separator type), a high-pressure Hose and a hand pump.