Mud Pump Pressure Gauge


YTXN-150 electrical pressure gauge

Nutted gauge

Flanged gauge

Mud pump pressure gauge

YK series Mud Pump gauge

Weight Indicator

16“ weight indicator

FS weight indicator

JZ series weight indicator

Electronic Meters

Deflection Type Weight Indicator

Wireline Weight Indicator

Mud Pressure System

CEMG101 Electronic Pressure Gauge System

Mud pressure System



Tong line pull system
Tong Torue System
Tong Line Pull System


Weight Indicator System
Wireline Weight Indicator System
Midget Weight Inidcator System
Bulk Tank Weight Indicator System


Portable Pressure recorder
Monitoring System
PUSAIUXN Drilling monitoring system


Deadline Anchor
Deadline Anchor


Load cell
Pump pressure sensor

Tong Torque Load cell

Electronic Strain gauge load cell

Electronic Pressure Sensor


Sandline Depthometer
Sandline Depthometer


Other pressure gauge

Tong Torque gauge & Tong line pull gauge

Mud Pump Pressure Gauge

The Crane Load and Radius Indicator System

Unitized Pressure Gauge


Instrument parts


Rubber Diaphragm
Check Valve and Connectors
Hand Pumps


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