Type no:YK-100B Category :YK series Mud Pump gauge
  Products in detail :

Standpipe type mud pump pressure gauges that come standard with  a 2" male NPT. We are available for a variety of capacities and operation conditions:The YK-150 has a large 6" fluid filled case for easy viewing at distance.The YK-100 is ideal for pump trucks and work over rigs.


-Large dial face is visible up to 60 feet away.                                                      

-Model:YK-150, YK-100, YNK-100, Moveable dial available.            

-Mountig thread: M20X1.5, ZG 1 1/2. 2 inch NPT. 

-Standard capacities include:0-7MPa,  0-16MPa, 0-25MPa, 0-35MPa, 0-40MPa, 0-60MPa, 0-80MPa, 0-100MPa, 0-120MPa, 0-160MPa. Other pressure ranges are available in PSI, kg/cm2, kPa, and BAR units of measure.


-This style of gauge provides accurate pressure readings and has built in dampening.

-Liquid filled gauge minimizes vibration and wear to gauge movement.

-Quick and accurate response to pressure changes.

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