Type no:YK-200Y Category :Nutted gauge
  Products in detail :

YK - 200 y seismic pressure gauge is a new product developed by our factory, nonyl structure with oil. Widely used in petroleum, large pumping station, spray equipment, etc. Can also be used to measure static pressure. The table has a good seismic performance, when use not only can measure the pulse pressure, and can withstand the instantaneous pressure impact. And don't enter the measured medium instrument internal possesses the advantages of "trap", thus allowing medium to high viscosity, high granularity, easy solidified, etc., such as mud.

The main advantages:
1.200 type dial clear reading, make long-distance observation more clearly.
2. Use oil nonyl link change quickly and easily.

1. When there is no lag linear pressure signal transmission, can protect the measuring or recording equipment from the erosion of working fluid.
2. Strong stand pipe pressure sensor applications

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