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Cable pay according to the application has been referred to as , cable tray bracket, wire drum carrier , cable pay stents. According to elevate form can be divided , hydraulic cable line planes, mechanical cable pay bracket. Depending on the purpose and structure of the form is divided into , adjustable hydraulic line planes, high column actinomycetes bracket , plunger -type cable line planes , horizontal cable tray , foot brake cable line planes, detachable cable line frame, tension wire rack .
Depending on the load capacity is divided into : 3T cable line planes , 5T cable line planes , 10T cable line planes , 15T cable reel bracket , 20T cable tray bracket and larger tonnage cable tray bracket actinomycetes . Cable tray cable tray bracket applicable diameter range :. 600mm-3800mm user can select the appropriate cable pay- cable tray according to the diameter and the tonnage .
Features: Static drive off frame can generally be divided into the cable pulley , cable pulley , overturned pulleys, nylon pulleys , cables, wire payout pulley , large diameter line tackle , do hang dual- line tackle , ground line tackle , lifting pulley several. Stator line planes mainly used for protection when laying cable wire act , saving time and effort .
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