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Filter the significance and role of control settings
The oil hydraulic system has, however, when the oil is one of the transmission power of various impurity contamination, isolation wear surfaces to reduce friction between elements, suspended contaminants, oxidation control, and other effects of cooling surface element, Chennai will break its original function, cause the system to run in a variety of failures.
Since the oil in a variety of pollutants on the system reliability and component life has a direct impact, therefore, pollution control hydraulic system throughout the hydraulic system design, manufacture, use and maintenance of the entire process, to effectively control the hydraulic pollution systems, in addition to the components and systems for cleaning, machining and assembly processes to remove residual contaminants, they have to take certain pollutants into the system and preventing measures to control pollutants from outside intrusion.
The role of the filter in the hydraulic and lubrication systems are mainly two: First, to control pollution and wear components, and second, to prevent the contamination caused by the fault. Filter is required before a sufficiently high filtering accuracy, should be able to effectively filter sizes approaching key pollution-sensitive components deputy campaign dynamic film thickness of particulate pollutants in principle. Such a filter system is mainly responsible for filtering effect, generally installed in the system pressure in the oil and return oil. The latter effect filter low accuracy, the main role is to protect the individual components, to prevent large particles and contaminants from entering the cell damage caused by sudden or action component failure. Such a filter is installed in front of close protection element, or directly in the component.
Principle 2 of the filter selection
When you select a filter, you should consider the following aspects of performance requirements:
(1) has a road through the oil capacity is large enough, a small pressure loss;
(2) Filtration should meet the design requirements;
(3) filter has enough strength and dirt holding capacity;
(4) Filter good corrosion resistance, long-term work at a predetermined temperature;
(5) filter replacement, cleaning and easy maintenance.
When the main filter selection system, the accuracy of the determination of oil pollution should be considered a key element in the system can tolerate, the rate of the system and the ingress of contaminants such working conditions due to factors, loss of pollution control point from the filtered precision device should be able to ensure the effective particle size filter element moves closer Vice dynamic film thickness, because the size of this gap in the grain into motion once the deputy will cause the component surface wear, and the gap increases, thereby that the size of the larger particles into the gap, a further interesting argument wear, causing severe wear of "chain reaction", which leads to failure of the component.
Size of the filter or flow can be determined in accordance with the general flow of the system, but with the life of the filter element to be considered. Under certain conditions, the rate of contaminant intrusion, pollution mainly depends on the hydraulic system oil filter filtration accuracy.
3 filter location
Filter position in the hydraulic circuit depends on the cause of the filter mount. Because of pollution particles from many different sources, only the size and precision appropriate filter elements mounted directly to the front, in order to provide maximum protection for well aware of the elements shown in the general location of the loop filter is shown in Figure 1.

Air filter 1. Single-acting cylinders. 2. Pressure pipe filter 3. Shunt filter 4. Way flow filter
5 local filter 6. Return oil filter 7. Pass filter 8. Relief filter 9. Pump drain filter
10. Pump hose filter 11. 12,13,14 tank vent filter, coarse filter 15. Offline filter 16. Cooler and offline filters
Further, if the filter function of the degree of contamination of the control loop, the filter can be installed in a charge path, while the filter is often used to supplement the off-line filter work.
4 filter parameters to determine
Installation of the filter in the hydraulic system aims to achieve a stable level of pollution, the pollution is acceptable to the various components of the system, and it is appropriate, so that you can reduce the wear of the components, but also reduces the raw probability and pollution problems, thereby improving the life and reliability of the system.
(1) Filtration determined
Determining the accuracy of the filter, first to analyze the operating parameters of the system, and the importance of these parameters to determine the number of rights, and the pollution control system for precision filtration system selected according to the number of the total weight, where the operating parameters to be analyzed with the working pressure work system, the environment, component sensitivity, life expectancy, component replacement costs, downtime costs, security responsibilities of seven, the weights of each parameter is shown in Table 1 to Table 7. The total number of system parameters equal rights over the right and the number of seven.


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